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Coach Keegan

Webinar – Coaching Athletes

2013 NRL Premiers

What does it take to be a strength and condition coach? What else can we do to  take athletes to the next level? Coaching Athletes -> more details and free registration  

Champions Vs Almosts

Roosters Grand FInal Celebration 2013 Premiers

The biggest problem I see with athletes and coaches is the limitations that have come through a lifetime of being told they weren’t great. Not great at sprinting, at relationships, at taking care of their bodies. So we build negative associations from the environment that we live in. We now

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Weight Vs Movement

Ben Garard - one of the worlds best gym based all-rounders.

To become a physically better athlete you should.. 1. Lift more weight 2. Lift weight faster 3. Lift more weight in a given time period.  (Using the Timed Progress Method, EDT or CrossFit style workouts) You can become more physically capable by doing any of the above. Most strength coaches

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Molecular hydrogen for athletic performance

H2 : Brain Injury and motor performance

Molecular hydrogen therapy for athletic performance and healing will be common practice in years to come if this research is anything to go by. At the start of the year I was given free samples of a supplement that I knew nothing about that didn’t really make any sense to

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Male strength standards

Coach Keegan Male Strength Standards

These strength standards are compiled from my own experience as a strength coach, gym goer and strength educator. They aren’t powerlifting or olympic lifting competition standards. For the non-competitive gym goer reaching Elite / Specialist standards is a significant achievement. Elite in all categories is a worthy goal. Where are

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What’s different about CoachKeegan Members?

CK Free Video Pic

Coach Keegan members program offers you a unique perspective on how to use more of your potential – body and mind. Click the logo if you’d like to become a part of the program, final days of the baby offer.

What I learned from Bobby Hurley

Robert Hurley

Bobby Hurley, World Short Course Champion/former World Record holder, 50m Backstroke. “After my first initial meeting with Coach Keegan, I left feeling excited to learn about all the different techniques I can use to get the most out of my body for the rest of my swimming career.” Robert Hurley

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Understanding molecular hydrogen – Tyler LeBaron with Dr Gerry Brady

Recovery 7.2 research

Science – Hydrogen gas in the human body. They told us hydrogen gas was inert in the human body. It is not. Do you know anything about the gas our body produces 1-10L of everyday? Key points 1. Hydrogen leaves the body mostly through the lungs. When vitamin C is

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Gymnastics video guide – Planche progressions

High tuck planche

Learn how to do a tuck planche in this video. I love learning new skills and I love strength training. Advanced body-weight training challenges both! If you’re strong in the gym and you’re not a heavy guy then this stuff won’t take long. To be honest the hardest part is

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#1 Molecular Hydrogen with Tyler LeBaron – PODCAST

Tyler LeBaron - GoogleHangout

Molecular hydrogen is possibly the most well researched, least known about supplements available. To learn more about Tyler LeBaron and molecular hydrogen go to Molecular Hydrogen Institute. Benefits outline summary Selective anti-oxidant, Supports the bodies own anti-inflammatory processes Helps with intra-cellular communication. Immune booster. As someone who battled with chronic fatigue

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