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Dan Aubin – daring humans, creativity, fear #5

Try to learn a back somersault, juggling, full snatch, free standing handstand and heaps more in 4-days. That was the challenge the Integrative Strength Collective interns took at the Bathurst camp! Expansion and fuller expression is the essence of what...
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REAL MOVEMENT PODCAST 2 – Khan Porter – CrossFit Athlete

Listen to our interview with Alpha Fit sponsored athlete Khan Porter –  one of the world’s best CrossFit athletes. Over the last 12 months a lot of my development as a coach has come through learning from Crossfit and Gymnastics coaches....
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The FUTURE of training – Coach KEEGAN – UltraFit Feature Article.

What is the future of athletic training? I believe it is a combination of current trends which take us back to the future. Optimal nutrition has now been demonstrated to come through ancestral diets. Now we see that optimal training comes through the...
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