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Integrative Strength Collective – Meet the coach with Huw Darnell

It was great to have Integrative Strength Collective member Huw Darnell up to Real Movement Project this week. Since joining the group Huw has made some great improvements in his performance and his expectations for the future. In the video Huw talks...
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REAL MOVEMENT PROJECT DAY 1 – Khan Porter with Ben Garard, Hayden Wolfsbauer and Matt Healey

The drive to Real Movement Project HQ in Federal on the far NSW north coast was interesting to say the least. A narrow winding road weaved its tarry way through the rolling hills and sweeping farmlands steeped in mist. It rained heavily. In the car myself,...
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Juggling for athletes – 15 reasons why you should learn to juggle today

Juggling for athletes! Why should athletes learn to juggle?? Athletes who can solve complex motor problems succeed! Sure the motor patterns are somewhat specific so the less similar to juggling your sport is the less directly beneficial it will be. Specific...
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Snatch bodyweight on your first attempt using CrossFit principles

In the last 10 years snatch has gone from being a vulgar word to one associated with elite levels of athleticism. With the growth of CrossFit and the flow on effect of CrossFit into private strength and conditioning facilities. More and more people want...
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Clean Health Podcast – Keegan Smith

Listen to my podcast with Tommy Hewitt and Rawdon Dubois In the podcast we cover: Nutrition for fat loss. Training under the Dense Strength Method. My own supplementation regime. Bodyweight / Gymnastics strength training My favourite food from when I...
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REAL MOVEMENT PODCAST 7 – Coach Sommer from Gymnastics Bodies

Why I love strength gymnastics: Complexity – you learn high force and control at the same time Progression – there is always another level of progress you can go to as you develop more strength, skill and mobility. Difficulty – strength...
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