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Prohibited movements – Martin Rooney

What movement should everyone stay away from always?? I don’t believe that movement exists! In this video I talk about the newest member of the Integrative Strength Collective @Shane Nicholls and the demands of javelin throwing. If you compete in...
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Duncan French – English Institute of Sport – Recruiting S&C, personality, creativity #9

Duncan French is a world leader in performance coaching and sports science. He’s someone worth listening to for anyone interested in working at the elite end of sport. Some highlights: ” Gymnastics are critical to athletes” Strength...
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Ben Garard – Grid League / CrossFit athlete – Steroids, winning, daemons #8

Real Movement Podcast 8 – Ben Garard – Grid and CrossFit Athletes and Australia’s Strongest Fittest Man? I’ve known Ben since he was 14 and he’s always been a ball of muscle ready to take on any challenge. Seeing him become...
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Alastair Day Diet – 2014 Iron Man Champion – Real food winner

Ali Day is an outstanding human! Not just from the perspective of how hard he trains and how hard he’s worked to overcome his nutritional deficiencies but in the way he treats those around him. Ali is one of the nicest guys in sport and it shows...
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What would happen if everyone moved? Russell Brand might know..

Here’s my solution to the worlds problems. If some of this resonates with you please LIKE / SHARE / MAKE YOUR OWN VERSION OF THIS TO SHARE! 1. MIND Realise that you are an infinitely capable being gifted with talents and abilities beyond our comprehension...
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Sally Matterson – Weights for women – fashion to fitness, butts #4

      LISTEN TO SALLY’S SECRETS Recently Sally Matterson decided to step out of her comfort zone with some gymnastics style training at CrossFit Bondi. With a great base of strength Sally will progress quickly if she persists with...
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