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Keegan Smith

I’m a performance coach who loves helping people express their talents and abilities. So far I’ve learned to communicate in 3 languages fluently to help learn more about the world and share what I’ve learned. After travelling the world for 6 years I now mentor performance focussed coaches from around the world via the Integrative Strength Collective. I also work with athletes and movement lovers through the Real Movement Membership.

I’ve invested 6 years as a rugby performance coach in the NRL and Super League including a key role with Sonny Bill Williams and the 2013 Premiership winning Sydney Roosters. I believe in systemising success both in the gym and in life to create a positive change in the world.

Real Movement  is about building a “New Paradigm in Performance” that changes the way the world works. The performance enhancement systems are built around a unique approach to nutrition, the mind, smart training and optimised recovery. My best lifts include a 100kg snatch and 210kg deadlift. In 2013 gymnastics style training became a big part of my method for coach and athlete development. I’m working towards a 1-arm handstand, a 1-arm pull-up and beyond.

I now live on a performance centre near Byron Bay in Norther NSW, Australia where the focus is on training, educating, learning and taking care of my family.

My best lifts*

Fear is the biggest limitation for improving strength and performance. When we acclimatise the body to load / positions that it's not used to, we learn and grow. The body can accomplish a lot more than the mind would like to give it credit for.

None of these lifts are world records but they are way beyond what I once thought was possible.
Strength training has helped me expand my vision of myself in all aspects of life, and so getting stronger becomes a life mission to more fully express my potential not something to feed the ego or compete against others.

Snatch (kg)
Clean (kg)
Jerk (kg)
Back Squat (kg)
Dead lift (kg)

Bench Press (kg)
Front Squat (kg)
Push Press (kg)
Military Press (kg)
Weighted Chin up (kg)



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