Alastair Day – Winning Against The Grain #14

Alastair Day – Winning Against The Grain #14

In the podcast Alastair Day tells the story of his career and his path back to health and performance including his 2014/15 series win in the Surf LifeSaving Series.

In 2011 Ali Day got in touch with me through our mutual friend Courtney Beaton to get some tips on how to perform at the next level. I sent him a program and thoughts on how being a Caeliac could actually be a big positive for him. He was actually being told that he medically needed to cut out all the stuff that I was cutting out anyway.

But gluten-free doesn’t mean you actually eat well. You can get gluten free everything that’s full of preservatives, sugar and low nutrient flours that can have similar inflammatory effects to gluten. At the time Ali stayed mostly with conventional wisdom that prevailed at the time. Lots of carbs, sugar, and more carbs. And why wouldn’t he. He was a consistent top 3 racer competing in the sport he loves at the highest level.

Fast forward to 2014 and Ali had been going from doctor to nutritionist to doctor with no results and no path forward other than rest. The last thing an elite endurance athlete wants to hear.

By fate Ali got in touch with me and we met for a juice in Bondi Junction, the hub of city-dweller wellness in Australia.

When he told me his story my heart sank. I’d had the feeling and I knew that it was a long road back. In 2009-2010 I had infections that wouldn’t heal, poor energy mentally and physically and never really felt myself. The good news is that I’d put in 4 years of research on top of everything I’d learned as a performance coach prior to being unwell.

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