Alexa Towersey – Weights for Women

Alexa Towersey – Weights for Women

Learn from one of the best female strength coaches in the business. Alexa has a passion for performance and creating lasting health and performance solutions for those who want more out of life. Recently Alexa came to Real MOVEMENT Performance Centre just out of Byron Bay for some training and coaching. Her first strict ring muscle-up is just around the corner!

In this webinar we discuss:

–  How to become an elite female performance coach.
–  Should women be doing weights?
–  How can weights be used for fat-loss?
–  How can weights be used to build a bigger posterior chain?

Alexa working on her pulling power on the rings at the RealMOVEMENT HQ!

Alexa working on her pulling power at the RealMOVEMENT HQ!


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