Ben Garard – 15.3 Open Workout Tips + Movement Prep

Ben Garard – 15.3 Open Workout Tips + Movement Prep

Open Workout strategy, tips, warm-up ideas, mobility sequences, pacing & movement efficiency by Ben Garard who is currently placed 2nd in Australia region.

Monday: Conditioning + Squats
Tuesday: Weightlifting + Conditioning (intervals)

Wednesday: Conditioning + Barbell Efficiency
Thursday: Rest/Restoration (Deep tissue massage, hot & cold recovery, mobility sequences)
Friday: Weightlifting + Open Prep
Saturday: Open WOD + Squats
Sunday: Active Recreational Rest

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays are the days I’m pushing hard & trying to get the most out of my body. Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning it’s all about feeling fresh as possible & fully recovered for the next Open Workout – emphasis on mobility prep, movement efficiency & preserving my nervous system.

I choose to do the Open Workouts on Saturday around 1-2pm. I do this because I can sleep in, fuel up, mobilize a couple hours before, set up my equipment, video camera & my body is at it’s ‘freshest’ & most awake at that time. It also allows me enough time to come up with my strategy, visualize myself doing the workout, check some top scores for motivation on the leaderboard & then hit it with everything I’ve got.

For people on the cusp of the Top 30 that qualify for Regionals. I would recommend hitting the Open Workouts with the mindset of everything you’ve got the first time & have no regrets! Then watch & analyze your video, find out where and how you can improve on your performance, if you genuinely believe you can beat your score.. go again on Monday (or Tuesday for an extra nights recovery).

The Open provides a unique opportunity to learn how to game workouts for future competitions, so I believe everyone would benefit from repeating them.

Ben Garard


I met Ben Garard​ when he was 14. He was already a TANK and he had an edge to him. It was clear then that he was made of different stuff. I was a hockey selector for one of the teams he was trialing for. Ben was a guy you wanted on your team.

Now he competes in NPGL – National Pro Grid League​ and lifts crazy heavy and fast for his team!

The amount that Ben has had to learn in his rapid assent in the The CrossFit Games​ world has been phenomenal. Whenever we catch up Ben has learned something new to take himself to the next level. A different grip and hand position on the overhead squat, a different set-up for the deadlift. There is always something.

I love being able to work with Ben and have him train out of my gym. Next month Ben will be presenting the RealMOVEMENT1 events in Sydney and Brisbane. Sharing what he’s learned training with some of the strongest most powerful people in the world.


Ben will never be content. It’s in his nature. Now he wants more mobility. More strict gymnastics strength. Better nutrition.

He also wants to SHARE what he learns while travelling the world competing and training with the worlds best, with you! You are a product of your environment and when 180+ for 5×5 is what people do in your community great things happen.

JOIN OUR TRAINING SUPPORT TEAM TODAY – There are 10 discounted ($200 off) places available for 12 months support from Ben and I on the RealMOVEMENT CrossFit / Athlete support page.

What do you get:

Q&A plus training sessions and plans. 

PLUS Memebers site access to the RealMOVEMENT1 site with proven methods for optimising performance that have been used with NRL and Ironman and other athletes with great success.

This works out at less than $7 / week!

Become the best version of yourself. #movementtofreedom #realmovementathletes

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