The Best Investment I’ve Made

The Best Investment I’ve Made

Early in the year last year (2014) I was quite sure that my time at the Sydney Roosters was limited. We’d won the club championship, minor premiership, the grand final and the world club challenge from a team that had come 13th the year before. I’d been blessed to work with Trent Robinson on his way to becoming coach of the year in his rookie season in the NRL, I coached Sonny Bill Williams, Anthony Minichiello and lots of other present and future household names.

Even better I’d brought 2 quality young coaches (Pat Lane and Sam Kennedy) into the Rooster’s system who did a great job working with the U16’s and U18’s teams who both had outstanding years.

Patrick Lane is one of 4 coaches that I've helped get full-time work in professional sport over the last 2 years.

Patrick Lane is one of 6 coaches that I’ve helped get full-time work in professional sport over recent years.

What was I going to achieve in my 4th year working in Rugby League performance?

Maybe I should have made the move at the end of 2013. It soon became obvious when we started back in 2014 that my ambitions to grow and make a bigger difference in the world weren’t in line with the ambitions of the Roosters. I was ready for a bigger challenge.

But what was it?

Around this time I started the Integrative Strength Collective – now known as RealMOVEMENT2 Coach (RealMOVEMENT Project on Instagram and Facebook). The most ambitious project I’d ever contemplated. Something that goes beyond anything currently available in performance coaching. I enrolled 8 students nervous about what I could deliver and where the program would go. In the first 2 weeks Dan Tewson decided to focus on the upcoming world title fight of his main client and Ben Farrar moved to England to play for the London Broncos. I was down to 6.

Cut and Run or stay and fight??

As part of my commitment to these people I invested all the money they had pledged to invest, plus another $10k in a personal development program called “Thinking Into Results – Facilitator“. This program was the biggest financial investment I’d ever made. I made the investment at a time when my wife was 3 months from giving birth to our first child, my income was lower than I’d agreed to because of some restructuring at the Roosters and I was almost certain that I wouldn’t be in the same sort of role in 8 months time!

Sink or Swim.

I enrolled in the program and began to immerse myself in the content. I was learning not just how to become the successful person I wanted to be but also to help others to do the same.

Fast forward 11 months and I now live on a performance retreat in northern NSW. My dream project became a reality within less than a year of me articulating it!

I’ve been forced to think bigger about the difference I would like to make to the world.

Late in 2014 CoachKEEGAN members, an online training portal became RealMOVEMENT1. Initially this was a joint project with one of the most driven people I’ve met, Drew Slater from Primal Sydney. Circumstances changed and now I’m left with a massive project to change the world.

80+ coaches from around the world have decided they would like to be educated in the systems I used to have 4 winning seasons in the NRL and Super League alongside coach Trent Robinson. I couldn’t be happier with the results we’re seeing. There have been more than 10 new facilities opened within this time and we have coaches working in 5 professional and 4 semi-pro teams around the world.

Big things come from Thinking Into Results by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher.

Some of the best strength athletes in Australia visiting the Real Movement Project HQ.

Some of the best strength athletes in Australia visiting the Real Movement Project HQ.

Later in 2015 I will be inviting members of the RealMOVEMENT1 and RealMOVEMENT2 to participate in “Thinking into results” with the ambition of helping those people make their biggest dreams become reality.

The take-home message here is. If you want big rewards you have to follow your heart and take risks. Was investing $25k in a program smart when I had very little money to my name and had only just managed to finally buy a car after 12 months taking the bus and riding my bike to work?!?

I knew that I had the drive to build an education program that would make a difference. I had proven methods that I’d put together through 15 years of research, and yet it was stepping into a situation where there was no other option but to succeed that was essential.

I burned the bridge. No going back. No standing still.


When you join RealMOVEMENT1 coach you receive a life membership to the RealMOVEMENT1 members portal as well as access to RealMOVEMENT1 workshops and you can apply to become a RealMOVEMENT1 Certified Coach.

The RealMOVEMENT2 coach program is a 12 month mentorship that goes beyond any formal education available. With this program you receive all the RealMOVEMENT1 content as well as exclusive weekly meetings

To see upcoming workshops go to

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