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Juggling Makes the Brain Grow

Juggling – #BreakthroughMovement On of my favourite BreakthroughMovements that I’ve shared with many coaches is learning to juggle. It’s inherently fun but instantly frustrating if you don’t have the right method or haven’t persisted long...
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Why is movement and health at the centre of my vision for a future based around a flourishing human race?? A #BreakthroughMovement is the feeling that reaffirms who you are and what you are capable of doing. I’ve seen these BreakthroughMovements carry...
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Why Paleo? with Mark Sisson and Thr1ve.me

What would you give to spend 3 days with some of the leaders in whole foods health, food preparation and performance? I love going to seminars and events where people come together to share positive energy towards a topic they feel passionate about. When...
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Internship Part 1 – Initiation

Real MOVEMENT internships are about overcoming our 2 greatest enemies. The 2 great enemies in life are self-doubt and believing the doubts of others. The challenge of the internship is to have guys learn, experience, share their knowledge and see how...
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Alan Romero – Advanced Performance Coaching, westside barbell, visiting Russia #10

From Hospitality to Strength & Conditioning, Alan Romero started his career with an internship at Westside Barbell at the age of 21. From then on he has worked for the Canberra Raiders, the ACT Brumbies Super rugby team and now runs his own business...
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Alastair Day – Winning Against The Grain #14

In the podcast Alastair Day tells the story of his career and his path back to health and performance including his 2014/15 series win in the Surf LifeSaving Series. In 2011 Ali Day got in touch with me through our mutual friend Courtney Beaton to get...
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