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Alastair Day Diet – 2014 Iron Man Champion – Real food winner

Ali Day is an outstanding human! Not just from the perspective of how hard he trains and how hard he’s worked to overcome his nutritional deficiencies but in the way he treats those around him. Ali is one of the nicest guys in sport and it shows...
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Juggling for athletes – 15 reasons why you should learn to juggle today

Juggling for athletes! Why should athletes learn to juggle?? Athletes who can solve complex motor problems succeed! Sure the motor patterns are somewhat specific so the less similar to juggling your sport is the less directly beneficial it will be. Specific...
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Clean Health Podcast – Keegan Smith

Listen to my podcast with Tommy Hewitt and Rawdon Dubois In the podcast we cover: Nutrition for fat loss. Training under the Dense Strength Method. My own supplementation regime. Bodyweight / Gymnastics strength training My favourite food from when I...
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Dan Aubin – daring humans, creativity, fear #5

Try to learn a back somersault, juggling, full snatch, free standing handstand and heaps more in 4-days. That was the challenge the Integrative Strength Collective interns took at the Bathurst camp! Expansion and fuller expression is the essence of what...
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