Athletes and Clients

Prohibited movements – Martin Rooney

What movement should everyone stay away from always?? I don’t believe that movement exists! In this video I talk about the newest member of the Integrative Strength Collective @Shane Nicholls and the demands of javelin throwing. If you compete in...
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Duncan French – English Institute of Sport – Recruiting S&C, personality, creativity #9

Duncan French is a world leader in performance coaching and sports science. He’s someone worth listening to for anyone interested in working at the elite end of sport. Some highlights: ” Gymnastics are critical to athletes” Strength...
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The FUTURE of training – Coach KEEGAN – UltraFit Feature Article.

What is the future of athletic training? I believe it is a combination of current trends which take us back to the future. Optimal nutrition has now been demonstrated to come through ancestral diets. Now we see that optimal training comes through the...
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Anthony Minichiello – The Ultimate Professional

Anthony Minichiello has changed the game of Rugby League in a way that no other player has. Almost 10 years ago he decided to get healthy and embrace a huge change in lifestyle. A shift from junk foods and prescription medications to raw liver and bone...
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