The future of performance education – Internship Part 2

Real MOVEMENT internships are about overcoming our 2 greatest enemies. The 2 great enemies in life are self-doubt and believing the doubts of others. The challenge of the internship is to have guys learn, experience, share their knowledge and see how...
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Kyle Pichie – Caveman Strong- Bulgarian weightlifting, Post CrossFit Gyms #13

What is the post CrossFit gym model? Caveman strong may have created it. In this podcast I speak to their weightlifting coach Kyle Pichie about how the gym works and how he’s been able to add 60kg to his weightlifting total and train several national...
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How to prepare for regionals workouts – Ben Garard

Ben Garard is sitting in second place in Australasia after the first 2 rounds of the 2015 CrossFit Games qualifiers. Check out the video he put together to help you get more out of your regionals qualifiers. LEARN HOW TO PREPARE FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE...
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