Why most graduates can never succeed

Why most graduates can never succeed

I have an undergraduate degree. I left uni after 3 and a half years without finishing the rehabilitation component of the degree. For someone who loves learning I really found University and school in general for that matter to be massively disappointing.

Let’s face it formal education isn’t results driven.

People who chose to self-educate: Steve Jobs, Dick Smith, John Rockefeller, Richard Branson, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Rachael Ray, Mark Zuckerberg, Will Smith, Henry Ford, Pete Cashmore…

Infinite time and money is being wasted in the research of minutiae while the big problems of the day: famine, obesity, lack of movement, war, scarcity of energy go largely un-attended to.

We’re looking for a million individual micro-cures for newly named diseases and disorders while most people don’t eat vegetables, move around and drink water. How much more research must be done before we start to really act!!


I’m not talking about government led and funded campaigns or health awareness sponsored by sugar / alcohol companies.

It’s time for you to act.

Imagine that you had infinite resources, infinite potential, infinite support.

What would you do??

What is the change that you believe in??

See most of us already start with out worst case scenario. .“If I slave away for the next 50 years doing something I don’t want to do I’ll start to really enjoy myself or at least be able to pay my medical bills when it’s time to pass on to the next life.”

This is not where our focus needs to be.

What do you want? Relax. Be infinite. Limitless. And think. Maybe for the first time in a LONG TIME. Maybe for the first time ever.

Sally Matterson handstand

See being realistic is the biggest mistake a human can make. Both science and theology tell us that nobody can possibly define exactly what any individual is capable of.

If you dedicated your life to it could you juggle 5 balls?

Could you get to the top of Mount Everest?

Everyone gives their life to something.

Most give it to the ambitions of someone else. Mr McDonald knew what he wanted and hundreds of thousands of people around the world are rebuilding that reality everyday.

What do you want?

TAKE ACTION NOW – BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Don’t bank on tomorrow!

1. Write down a list.

A list of stuff that really scares you. That you have no idea how you can get them. Most of all don’t be realistic!! Being realistic is the why most academics are jaded and most graduates are lost and looking (begging) for anyone to give them a place to pass their days.

2. Decide what are the 1-2 biggest things on that list and turn them into a present tense statement about who you are and what you do.

You just made your chances of an extra-ordinary life much greater.

3. What now? Write them down again everyday and listen to people who are achieving amazing things everyday.

4. Associate with the highest achievers you can find. Plan for a life that really matters.

Now this is just the first step but it’s one of the most powerful steps you will ever take. Make the step.

Make it everyday.

Soon a DREAM will become a THEORY and a theory will become a PLAN.

A plan is something that you will act on everyday to build a new reality.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead




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