The future of performance education – Internship Part 2

The future of performance education – Internship Part 2

Real MOVEMENT internships are about overcoming our 2 greatest enemies. The 2 great enemies in life are self-doubt and believing the doubts of others. The challenge of the internship is to have guys learn, experience, share their knowledge and see how much it is valued by other members of the mastermind. The change in the guys over the 4 days is amazing. We use #BreakThroughMOVEMENT like juggling, acrobatics, strongman training and weightlifting to reshape self-image and work hard on connecting with performance purpose; what it is that you really want to do for yourself and the world with this lifetime.

Following on from Internship Part 1 – Initiation:

Day 2. Weightlifting, goals and Upper Body Strength development

For day 2 we’d added Clean Shred founder Simon Bungate who missed day 1 while working with the Tigers U20’s preparation for their game against the Titans. I first met Simon through Poliquin circles and once saw him being absolutely tortured by Daine Macdonald himself. From that time I knew that Simon had a mission in life. I had no idea what it was but there was something burning.


We went through the Dense Skill progressions for the snatch. It was great to see the different levels of experience and motor control among the group.  We did 10’s with the broomstick, 5’s with a bar then 3’s with 40kg before working up to a best DS5. I was able to snatch 80kg x 1 x 5 for the first time since I snatched 100kg which was a real buzz. I also snatched 90kg on the first attempt. Group training is one of the best performance enhancers around! Ezra showed his power here with a 90kg power snatch. He also saw that by following the drills we worked on he will soon be snatching well over the 100kg barrier.

In the clean we focussed on getting a good catch position and then a fast transition under the bar. Ezra, Simon and I were able to get 110kg all with different styles of clean. Interestingly I was more comfortable making the full clean from the high-hang with that fast transition than working from the floor. This says my power and ability to get under the bar are ok but my leg strength is lacking.

Screen shot 2015-03-31 at 3.43.12 PM

Upper Body Strength

We started with a block of Dense Strength Speed standing press for 15 / 25 reps at 40kg then worked up on the minute for 2 singles at each weight, 50, 60, 70. Training this way is not a true max but it lets you feel some heavy weight in a short block.

Next was Speed chin-ups hands together DS25 then 50% of max reps on each weight ascending to a training max. 10kg x 5, 20 x 3, 30 x 3, 40 x 1 (x6! For Nick Draxl) 50 x 0 for me 1/2 for Simon, Ez and Nick then a few good attempts at 60kg.

We finished Day 2 in the gym with some upper back accessory work and regressions for the 1-arm chin-up.

In the evening we had another amazing meal from my beautiful wife Kathi and got started on some talk of the future we want to build.

Day 3. Worthy Ideal, Tumbling and Water Therapy

Worthy Ideal

The biggest problem I find for performance coaches is the same problem I see with athletes and people from all walks of life. They don’t define what they want. Many have a vague idea of a dream of financial, geographical and time freedom, but it’s often seen as something far off that isn’t connected to their day to day activities. The morning of day 3 was about how to apply the systems of performance development that we were learning about to be able to go to another level in life.

I believe that we are all blessed with talents and that our greatest joy in life comes from exploring those gifts for the betterment of society. We have a lot more to give than we give ourselves credit for. Even from a young age I’ve always seen this in people and even as a child I pushed people hard to perform better and think bigger. I coached lots of winning teams in hockey with the same expectations. At RealMOVEMENT3 we have use a system for extracting these bigger objectives for why we do what we do and how we can do more of what we want to have a bigger positive impact on the world.

Sitting down and talking with people about their biggest dreams is a very powerful experience.

Interestingly most of the time what people state as bing their “biggest wildest fantasy” usually looks like something that could be relatively straight forward to achieve from the perspective of other group members. We often doubt ourselves and believe in the capacity of others to earn, grow and achieve.

“Doubt whom you will but never yourself”


I always return to this process myself when I encourage the coaches through it. It’s very important to be in touch with your Worthy Ideal on a daily basis if you truly want to make it a reality. What a morning! If you know the coaches who were on this internship maybe you should ask them about what they really want. Where they’re headed.

We hit a quick block of 4/4 front squats into max reps at 85% load in the RMP gym before heading into Byron Bay and Mullumbimby for the rest of the day.

Lunch on Day 3 was at the Roadhouse in Byron. An amazing place to eat quality local produce, prepared with passion. It’s well known on the “foodies” network and it rarely disappoints (be warned that portions aren’t very big).


Our tumbling coach for the afternoon session was Fabian from Circus Arts Byron Bay.. He obviously didn’t know about the lunch we’d eaten or he wouldn’t have warmed us up the way he did! In a lather of sweat we then worked some handstand drills before getting way out of the comfort zone with some tumbling off the mini trampolines. It was great to see the guys hitting front somersaults and handsprings. Tumbling can be very painful in delivering Breakthrough Movements. This was a great tumbling group with all the guys having some experience on trampolines as kids or teens except for Jared and I. The joy and exhilaration of this type of training is difficult to match in the gym and can’t be done with the barbell.

Front somersaults and platform handsprings went into back somersaults on the trampoline with a harness which soon lead into back somersaults being practiced on the ground and onto the mat. Cody, Ezra, Simon and I all nailed back saults on the tramp after a refresher on the harness with Fabian. They then moved onto the crash mat and hit a few more reps. What a session!

Water therapy

Finally after 6 solid sessions in 3 days we turned our efforts to recovery. An hour at Byron main beach with some cricket with the backpackers followed by a visit to Kiva Spa was a great way to finish a great day and prepare for Day 4. The wood-fire sauna at Kiva Spa is special experience not to be missed if you’re up this way.

We even revealed and then treated the guys to a special version of Kathi’s homemade ice-cream after dinner.


Day 4 – Handstands, Strongman, Back Sommersaults

First up Nick shared his plans for a massive new joint venture and some big opportunities that are coming for Strength Evolution, his company that overseas Byron Bay Crossfit and Strength Evolution at The Farm. One of the best things about the RealMOVEMENT3 mastermind is seeing others building massive projects and seeing the confidence that gives for others to think bigger and do the same with the support of the mastermind.



Handstands. Something so simple that is so much more work than people realise initially. Staying still is much harder than walking is something that most people don’t realise. Any adult who develops a solid handstand without having done handstands as a child certainly has used a level of tenacity that most people don’t access. The guys did well working through some progressions before finishing with a maximum duration timed told test.


Strongman training is a very powerful tool for running athletes and contact sport athletes. I felt that the Dragons and the Roosters got massive value from regular strongman training to transition gym strength and power into powerful gait. At this internship we worked on max weight farmers carries and prowler pushes on the AlphaFit gear. The equipment does make a difference on these because the wrong foot plate or paint finish can really effect your session. Cody worked super hard on these with some massive sled pushes for someone who isn’t big on the exterior.

Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 6.46.36 PM

Back Somersaults

Fittingly the last movement challenge for the camp was Back Somersaults on the Topline trampoline. Having an olympic size trampoline should be a standard piece of equipment for movement focused training facilities. The benefits are massive, particularly for those who haven’t use them as children. Cody, Simon and I all overcame jitters to make our first back saults on the tramp with some tips from Nick Draxl who did quite a lot of trampoline work as a young freestyle skier. We went for 2 rounds on these to make sure the movement pattern was locked in. Seeing Simon overcome the natural fear of this movement was a great way to finish an awesome few days. The coaches gave everything and took on every challenge they received for the full internship.

Media training

Jared Coote shared his skill set to finish the internship interviewing the guys in a mixture of Mandarin and English. In 2015 everyone needs to develop their skills in front of the camera or an audience to be able to the make the biggest difference. Some of the cues Jared was giving were, don’t look down, don’t touch your face, stop talking when you’re not sure what else to say (for interviews), pause rather than umm and arrh. Jared will continue to help the mastermind develop more effective media skills to improve our presenting.

My reflections

4 -days together with a group of coaches is a great chance to strip everything away and re-assess what matters. We work hard on technique and methods but repeatedly what I see at these events is deep bonds of experience being formed between people who genuinely want to do the best they can in life. What else are we here for if not to become the best versions of ourselves and help others to do the same? I feel blessed to be helping these guys see a bigger picture on what’s possible for them and excited to see after 1 year of mentoring coaches the massive amounts of progress that has been made. Still there is so much more to come for the RealMOVEMENT Mastermind and its members.

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