Coach Keegan - THR1VE Symposium

Josh Sparks – THR1VE – Fast ancestral food, top 4% business #17

Who is Josh Sparks from Thr1ve? Why did he create primal fast food and what is advice to help you chance the world?

YouTube somehow messed the Audio on the video version. You can play both together if you want the full experience 🙂

  • “The greatest success that I’ve had came when I stopped focusing on money”
  • 2 million years of proof helps to get through negative media
  • Training twice a week
  • Dan John Easy Strength 
  • PT’s must learn to make money while they’re sleeping
  • Epiphany – I could get every singe thing I’d ever want in a mall, except ancestral quality food!
  • How to attract better employees and customers
  • Mark Sisson knows Coach Keegan 🙂


Coach Keegan - THR1VE Symposium

Coach Keegan – Presenting for THR1VE

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