Juggling Makes the Brain Grow

Juggling Makes the Brain Grow

Juggling – #BreakthroughMovement

On of my favourite BreakthroughMovements that I’ve shared with many coaches is learning to juggle. It’s inherently fun but instantly frustrating if you don’t have the right method or haven’t persisted long enough to be able to keep 3 balls smoothly in motion.

What is juggling? Sure there are a lot of benefits to it, so much so that studies have shown positive changes in the brain with juggling. (Check out 15 reasons to juggle). But really what is juggling useful for? You can show off to friends and play games with kids but ultimately it’s not going to put food on the table unless you do it at the lights in a county with limited formal employment (sometimes referred to as third world / developing countries euphemistically). What it can do is re-affirm your ability to learn and take on new challenges and succeed. It’s also an eternal puzzle. Juggling cannot be completed. There are always more complex, imaginative, artful ways to move even 3 balls around. Then you can think about a 4,5,6,7,8,9… and you still wouldn’t be the best in the world!

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But it’s not about being THE BEST, it’s about being YOUR BEST. If you keep creating a better version of yourself then great things can and will happen! Keep getting better and you will soon be in rare company. How can I be sure? Most people aren’t getting better. This is a great shame but unfortunately infinite hours spent in front of iPhones and watching “talented” people on TV will do nothing for you. Being sucked into a virtual world where you’re not being challenged to progress is a great waste of god given talents. Surely that’s not what we’re here for. Unless you’re getting inspired and being held accountable to becoming the person you want to be you should be unfollowing and switching off.

Turn positive media into positive action and turn off to everything else.

I believe we are here to become the best versions of ourselves. To use as much of the god given talents that we have been blessed with. I don’t think we will ever manage it. Everyone is blessed with far higher levels of potential than they will ever be able to realise!

If you haven’t taken the challenge of juggling make today the first day. Commit at least 5 minutes / day until you’re able to juggle for 2 minutes without a pause. You can start with lemons or tennis balls until you get juggling balls. No excuses! When you get it take a hyper lapse video of it and tag #realmovement #BreakthroughMovement @realmovementproject FB @realmovementproject Insta in it so that I can see it!

2014-15 #BreakthroughMovement

– Standing back somersault

– 100kg snatch (this may be a bodyweight snatch for you if you’re just getting started with the movement)

– Free-standing handstand

– 2.5 x bodyweight deadlift

– Front lever

– Strict Ring Muscle-ups

– Club juggling

– 4 ball juggling

– Front flip on trampoline

Other breakthroughs (which often come as a direct result of increased self-belief)

– Living from and supporting my family from my own business

– Living on a $1, 000, 000+ Real MOVEMENT Performance Centre

– Memorising multiple credit cards

– Memorising most of a deck of cards in order

– Playing guitar

BreakthroughMovements to come:

– 1 arm-chin-up

– Straddle planche

– Support 200kg overhead

– 220kg deadlift

– Run a marathon

What have been your biggest BreakthroughMovements?

When you have one – share it and help inspire others to #RedefinePERFORMANCE #RedesignLIFE!

Tag #realmovement #BreakthroughMovement @realmovementproject FB @realmovementproject Insta in it so that I can see!

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