12 Lessons from – Mark Sisson and Sarah Wilson

12 Lessons from – Mark Sisson and Sarah Wilson

12 Take-home messages from Ancestral Health Summit with Mark Sisson and Sarah Wilson

1. People are ok with being challenged and like feeling uncomfortable because it makes them feel a little more capable. This means they are experiencing a higher degree of personal freedom. I had 60+ year old women telling me their legs and abs were killing them but thank you!

2. It’s our secret. We’re happy to share the joys of ancestral living but those who don’t want to listen or argue are free and should be free to continue on the default path. (Mark Sisson) Let the balls thrown at you bounce by was Sarah Wilson’s analogy for dealing with the push-back on her message.

3. Once you get to where you want to be with your health and have broken your addictions you can bend the rules as much as you can tolerate. For Mark this is the odd beer and a few bite size pieces of bread every now and then. Yes Mark Sisson eats BREAD, every now and then if he really wants some. Knowing how to be at your best and being able to get there is the key. Then you can decide on when you want to be there and how long you want to stay. (Mark Sisson / Sarah Wilson)

4. Be your own experiment. It’s fine to be skeptical. Don’t believe the hype. Try the “I Quit Sugar” challenge or the “Primal Blueprint” challenge. If you don’t see improvements maybe you’re beyond repair, or maybe you’re doing fine on the foods you’re on. For me it’s clear that the lifestyle diseases that dominate many peoples lives in the 21st century are self-inflicted. This is how almost everyone who now eats an ancestral diet started. They made themselves sick with modern foods and then they realised they would experience a higher degree of freedom if they chose to reduce that sickness through traditional health practices.

5. Good quality pork meat is very healing for Sarah Wilson. Pork meat is the most similar to human flesh!

6. Look for the common ground. Vegan’s, slow food advocates, the food wastage movement and nutritionists can all be allies if we look at what we have in common. Finding enemies and points to debate only makes life harder. (Sarah Wilson)

7. Cook for Freedom. While I missed Scott Gooding and Dan Churchill’s presentations my wife Kathi did see some of the cooking demonstrations which were about how to cook simply and easily or on a budget. By being able to feed yourself and friends, great food you have a higher degree of control over your life.

8. Coconut oil with cacao is Sarah Wilson’s post lunch snack to avoid sugar.

9. Sugar and sitting are the new tobacco. There are many who will deny it but eventually this will become excepted mainstream thought.

10. We’re more like plants than you think – 30%+ decrease in cancer risk in people who have optimal vitamin D levels. You may need to supplement Vit D depending on where you live and when you can get sun exposure. 90% of cancers are lifestyle related.

11. Use low blue lights at night to improve sleep quality.

12. Use lemon myrtle in tea or suck on it for health benefits. I really liked this one!

Sarah recently asked Mark: What his morning routine looks like? Check it out over at

Sarah recently asked Mark: What his morning routine looks like? Check it out over at





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