Prohibited movements – Martin Rooney

Prohibited movements – Martin Rooney

What movement should everyone stay away from always??

I don’t believe that movement exists! In this video I talk about the newest member of the Integrative Strength Collective @Shane Nicholls and the demands of javelin throwing.

If you compete in a sport with extreme or chaotic demands on the body but then do all of your preparation in a completely controlled limited environment you may unintentionally increase the injury risk of your athletes.

A simple example of this is avoiding overhead pressing because of the demands it places on the thoracic and glen-humoral joint. Avoiding overhead work for me was a recipe for recurring sub-luxations and having zero confidence in my shoulders. In Rugby League players it’s a recipe for fragile shoulders that are ready to burst out of their sockets even within what should be a normal healthy range of flexion.

I also talk you through last nights session which was later than intended because I got carried away with writing content for the Real Movement Members

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