Real MOVEMENT Manifesto – Introduction

Real MOVEMENT Manifesto – Introduction

MOVEMENT MANIFESTO – Performance 10.

  1. It’s all connected
  2. Ideals & environment limit accomplishment
  3. Attitude equals results
  4. Thrive under stress
  5. Food is information (CDDIMMMP)
  6. Expand movement vocabulary (range and dexterity
  7. High force output at all speeds
  8. Don’t neglect endurance
  9. Weaknesses are opportunities (fill in the valleys before you build the performance mountain. Over specialisation builds limitation)
  10. Regenerate to repeat quality sessions (circulation, movement, nutrition, relaxation, fuels recovery)

Real MOVEMENT Project is a system of living designed for empowering the individual it replaces the existing unsustainable paradigm.

Freedom comes from solving challenges. Learned helplessness decreases your freedom. Take control of how you: think, eat, move, regenerate, share and co-exist and you experience a higher degree of freedom.

While there is no one method that can be followed forever there are proven principles of training that shouldn’t be ignored. By looking for the common ground among successful systems and trimming the fat Real MOVEMENT uses what’s necessary to create reliable world leading results.

This program is not designed to create the fastest possible result. Those with experience in performance know that fast gains are often associated with fast losses. In trying to gain performance quickly many young athletes are left injured unable to perform tasks that we once simple.

Start with rules, progress into trends. By continually building physical capacities you become more and more free in what you can do and how you can train.

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