Real MOVEMENT1 – Ireland

Real MOVEMENT1 – Ireland

Super excited to be heading over to see Conor McDonald and the great movers and coaches of Ireland! See EVENTS for details -> Germany, Perth

A new wave of performance training has begun.

The modern performance client, whether it’s with a professional team, junior team or in a private facility, is looking for extreme levels of FUNCTION as well as form. The time when a 6 pack and buns or biceps were all that a client wanted are all but over.

Learn about the things you were never taught on:
– Ancient nutritional knowledge and how to implement it with yourself and clients in the 21st century
– How help your athletes change their minds to unlock new levels of performance potential and apply the same skills to multiply your business beyond anything logical. (I’ve done this as have many of the RM2 collective.)

Become a Level 1 Real Movement Coach to confident in performing and teaching:

– STRICT ring muscle-ups, static freestanding handstands, tuck planches, V-sits and shoulder stands.

– Snatch, front squats and deadlifts so that you can help athletes maximise their potential.

– Mobility to be able to fit in for a yoga class, OH Squat and pancake like a gymnast.

Special guest Olympic Level Performance Coach. Limited spaces available.

RealMOVEMENT – Level 1

This is the beginning of understanding the RealMOVEMENT philosophy. RealMOVEMENT1 is both a theoretical and practical workshop.

Developed by Keegan Smith (Coach KEEGAN) you will learn the performance development systems used by world champion Sydney Roosters (2013/14), Sonny Bill Williams (Rugby), Alastair Day (IronMan). The RealMOVEMENT coaching philosophy is used around the world by over 200 performance coaches including professional rugby league teams. RealMOVEMENT builds elite performance for professional sport, crossfit or recreation. CrossFit athlete Ben Garard is also an ambassador for the RealMOVEMENT Project and attends as many workshops as he can around his training and competition commitments.


2 Days


Sat  – 9:00 (registration) – 5:30pm

Sun  – 9:00 – 5:30pm


250 Euro super early bird

Then 350 Euro


A Real world proven training system that helps coaches and athletes unlock their true potential.

You will experience:

– MOVEMENT  – Dense Strength Method – The most effective method I have used for strength development

– RealMOVEMENT mobility templates

– Fundamental and advanced gymnastics

– Weightlifting – teach and perform it effectively

– Powerlifting – get strong systematically and safely

You will also receive an introduction into the unspoken keys to performance coach success:

– MIND  – unlock performance potential by utilising proven success, learning and stress reduction principles

– DIET  – RealMOVEMENT Food combines ancient and modern food wisdom


– COACHING – create the environment for you and your movers to thrive


RealMOVEMENT 1 is for Personal Trainers, CrossFit coaches and athletes, Exercise / Sports science students/grads (who want to work with athletes) and Athletes.


– Understand a world-class, proven system for athlete development which can be applied to anyone looking to optimise there performance.

– Design impacting training sessions and programs

– Know how to incorporate gymnastics movements into your existing training programs

– Have clarity and confidence in the path you’re on as a teacher.

– See how to prevent and repair common injuries

– Save yourself a lot of time learning what I’ve learned through 7 years working with professional athletes and 16 years of practical performance research

– You will be closer to becoming a certified RealMOVEMENT Coach


Water, lifting shoes, training clothes, paper and pen / pencil (no phone dictation please)


Cancellation 3 months out from the event = $150 refund

No refunds on cancellations less than 3 months – your place can be transferred to a friend or colleague


Conor McDonald Fitness

Esker Business Park, Six Cross – Roads Waterford, Ireland

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