Internship Part 1 – Initiation

Internship Part 1 – Initiation

Real MOVEMENT internships are about overcoming our 2 greatest enemies. The 2 great enemies in life are self-doubt and believing the doubts of others. The challenge of the internship is to have guys learn, experience, share their knowledge and see how much it is valued by other members of the mastermind. The change in the guys over the 4 days is amazing. We use #BreakThroughMOVEMENT like juggling, acrobatics, strongman training and weightlifting to reshape self-image and work hard on connecting with performance purpose; what it is that you really want to do for yourself and the world with this lifetime.

I recently spent 4-days with Cody Tribe (Tribel Training), Ezra Taylor (Concrete Training) , Simon Bungate (Clean Shred), Jared Coote and Nick Draxl (Strength Evolution). Each of these guys deserves a full blog in themselves. From playing pro hockey in Russia to blowing out both patellas then building mobility way beyond what seems possible to professional free-style skiing and playing NRL junior footy. These guys have accumulated a wealth of experiences and knowledge.

We worked hard on techniques over the 4 days but this not just another “how to” workshop where you learn work against greater resistance. The mastermind is aimed at creation. We are here to create and when we acknowledge the creative power, genius, strength and learning capacity that is locked up within us then amazing things follow.

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Day 1. Dense Strength, Gymnastics Strength &  Mobility, Injury Prevention

In the sequence of movement acquisition the first component is mobility. You can’t be skilful, produce force or build endurance in a position that you can’t get to. Seeing big Ezra Taylor well over the 100kg mark move through the mobility work was a real mind blower for the other guys in the group. When you know his injury history it’s even more impressive to see what he’s capable of now.

Cody Tribe comes from a hockey background like me which means he’s prone to short pecs, lats and locked kyphosis in the thoracic spine. He’s come a long way by focusing on these weaknesses and will soon become a strong example of how even hockey players can overcome movement inefficiencies to be able to do handstands and snatches.


Seeing Jared Coote work through mobility was amazing. It was a whole other world separate from the desk posture that comes with being a broadcast professional. While Jared has no ambitions for being a performance coach it was great to see him experience his body in a new way. He was even doing some kind of a dance move to test out the way his shoulders felt while nobody was watching 🙂 Jared’s journey through the 4 days really re-affirms the value of what we’re offering as RealMOVEMENT coaches. It’s not just being able to move. It’s a new experience of self and of life.


We used Dense Strength Method to work through our reps and timed holds. I love the dynamic that this cluster style of training creates.

Front lever progressions – the biggest thing here for the guys was straight arm pull strength. We worked on some drills to isolate the lats that made all the difference for me in controlling the front lever. We also hammered out some dragon flags, just incase the abs were the missing link. Planche progressions, L-sit to shoulder stand.


During the injury prevention section we spoke about the need for mobility to be able to avoid tears. Nick Draxl’s background in pro-skiing came out here. He was able to report from first hand experience that athletes who could do lateral splits were blowing out their knees less frequently because the muscle was able to give rather than the connective tissues. This a scenario that can often be undervalued by physiotherapists who become wary of highly mobile athletes. Indeed naturally hyper mobile athletes are a big danger. Strength just before end range is one of the keys to these people avoiding injury. Naturally tight athletes who gain mobility are a different story and can experience a new lease on life and injury resilience beyond the norm.

Crappy collagen. It’s something that gets thrown around a lot about frequently injured players. Sometimes it can be a strength coaches excuse for not getting the job done was well as they should. Put it back on the athlete. Sometimes they’re right. What are you made of.

I recently heard the story of an ophthalmologist saying that a “degenerative” condition of the cornea where weak collagen causes eye disfunction, had stabilised for the first time since being checked! Wow! What changed? A transition to whole, nutrient dense foods and adding in collagen and broth supplements.

“You can’t make chicken soup from chicken shit” Paul Chek

If you or your clients are always broken it’s time to look at Mind, Diet and Regeneration as well as your Movement. Optimally combining and applying these principles makes the impossible, possible.

Mobility, motor patters, lagging muscles and tendon health were some of the key areas discussed.

After Day 1 we headed up to watch the Wests Tigers sneak home 19-18 thanks to a late Pat Richards field goal against the Gold Coast Titans. It was great to see the players who came to work so hard over the christmas break showing their skills and looking sharp. In the sheds after the game the feeling was good, progress.

Day 2. Weightlifting, goals and Upper Body Strength development.

For day 2 we’d added Clean Shred founder Simon Bungate who missed day 1 while working with the Tigers U20’s preparation for their game against the Titans. I first met Simon through Poliquin circles and once saw him being absolutely tortured by Daine Macdonald himself. From that time I knew that Simon had a mission in life. I had no idea what it was but there was something burning.


We went through the Dense Skill progressions for the snatch. It was great to see the different levels of experience and motor control among the group.  We did 10’s with the broomstick, 5’s with a bar then 3’s with 40kg before working up to a best DS5. I was able to snatch 80kg x 1 x 5 for the first time since I snatched 100kg which was a real buzz. I also snatched 90kg on the first attempt. Group training is one of the best performance enhancers around! Ezra showed his power here with a 90kg power snatch. He also saw that by following the drills we worked on he will soon be snatching well over the 100kg barrier.

In the clean we focussed on getting a good catch position and then a fast transition under the bar. Ezra, Simon and I were able to get 110kg all with different styles of clean. Interestingly I was more comfortable making the full clean from the high-hang with that fast transition than working from the floor. This says my power and ability to get under the bar are ok but my leg strength is lacking.

Upper Body Strength

We started with a block of Dense Strength Speed standing press for 15 / 25 reps at 40kg then worked up on the minute for 2 singles at each weight, 50, 60, 70. Training this way is not a true max but it lets you feel some heavy weight in a short block.

Next was Speed chin-ups hands together DS25 then 50% of max reps on each weight ascending to a training max. 10kg x 5, 20 x 3, 30 x 3, 40 x 1 (x6! For Nick Draxl) 50 x 0 for me 1/2 for Simon, Ez and Nick then a few good attempts at 60kg.

We finished Day 2 in the gym with some upper back accessory work and regressions for the 1-arm chin-up.

In the evening we had another amazing meal from my beautiful wife Kathi and got started on some talk of the future we want to build.


 Stay tuned for Part 2 where we covered:

– Worthy Ideal
– Tumbling
– Water Therapy
– Handstands
– Strongman
– Back Sommersaults

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