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What would happen if everyone moved? Russell Brand might know..

Here’s my solution to the worlds problems.

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Realise that you are an infinitely capable being gifted with talents and abilities beyond our comprehension and that using these talents is the best way to show your gratitude to whatever it is that made you that way. From here dream big about what you want to do with this lifetime and don’t be limited by your grades / qualifications / income / parents etc. these are all social constructs that distract us from our infinite wealth which cannot be bought or sold. YES! You are more valuable than 10,000 iphone6’s and even the unreleased 7!


Get healthy enough to feel like moving through real food that is something like what you could have eaten had you been alive 1000 years ago or any time prior in human history. Real food doesn’t come in boxes or have hundreds of ingredients. It’s not primarily made from wheat and sugar. Armed with this knowledge sickness is now your choice! That’s right it’s not about luck. Choose health by eating real food and thinking real thoughts not dominated by fear and stress!


A physically capable person is more likely to feel a level of self-worth that allows him to express god given talents. Run, jump, lift, handstand, flip, juggle, stretch.. chop wood and carry water. Movement is part of what makes a living being living. Develop your capacity to move as many of the great people of our past have. Greek and roman philosophers did gymnastics and wrestled, yogis, shoaling monks.. we’re all designed to move!


Take time to do nothing and great things will happen when you decide to act.

As you do this you create different economic needs and the world changes..

1. You’re not sick so you stop relying on the pharmaceutical injury
2. You can think straight and see that we live in a brotherhood of man so you’re not likely to kill anyone in the army or police. Most conflict is a manifestation of corporate interests. Yes war is a big business.
3. You can move, movement is infectious. When you see a handstand on Instagram what do you want to do??!! Lets build a world that moves.
4. Material goals shrink – how much crap can you wear / buy / look at.. simplifying life materially is one of the greatest, most enjoyable actions you can take in the 21st century. Read “the power of less” and stop being a mind-less consumer!
5. Save the planet – organic food locally grown will decrease the need for a lot of petroleum based chemicals and fuel to power the machines that grow and transport the food.
6. COMMUNITY – people who move and respect themselves are able to relate to others that do the same. The flow on effect. Real people engaging in Real Movement!

I used to listen to this program out of the US quite often. Watch from 20:20 if you want to watch Russell’s part.…

It’s time for change. The time is now. If you want to do it with me join me. If you want to do it alone then do it, I will support your efforts.

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