Sally Matterson – Weights for women – fashion to fitness, butts #4

Sally Matterson – Weights for women – fashion to fitness, butts #4





Recently Sally Matterson decided to step out of her comfort zone with some gymnastics style training at CrossFit Bondi. With a great base of strength Sally will progress quickly if she persists with this style of training. We also recently hosted Sally Matterson and Alexa Towensey at Real Movement Performance Centre where the girls shared their knowledge at a private training camp and also did some serious training session of their own.Sally Matterson and Alexa Towensey on the AlphaFit push sled

Sally has been a qualified personal trainer for over 11 years, an international and national fitness model for the past 5 and most recently, the creator of the original, online weightless system The Extreme Shredder Program. Sally’s vast experience in the Australian fitness industry has honed her ability to shape the body, target stubborn areas of body fat and alter one’s physique for life. Her motto is very much focused on fat loss, not weight loss. A healthy body is about creating shape and proportion whilst sculpting an athletic physique. Sal is on a mission to make the population stronger and leaner by improving a person’s lifestyle through educating them on both the smartest and safest ways to get results.

Action Alexa and Sally Matterson jogging at Real Movement Performance CentreSally Matterson Handstand

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