12 Lessons from – Mark Sisson and Sarah Wilson

12 Take-home messages from Ancestral Health Summit with Mark Sisson and Sarah Wilson 1. People are ok with being challenged and like feeling uncomfortable because it makes them feel a little more capable. This means they are experiencing a higher...
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Why Paleo? with Mark Sisson and

What would you give to spend 3 days with some of the leaders in whole foods health, food preparation and performance? I love going to seminars and events where people come together to share positive energy towards a topic they feel passionate about. When...
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Josh Sparks – THR1VE – Fast ancestral food, top 4% business #17

Who is Josh Sparks from Thr1ve? Why did he create primal fast food and what is advice to help you chance the world? YouTube somehow messed the Audio on the video version. You can play both together if you want the full experience 🙂 “The greatest...
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