What is about?

What is about?

The biggest challenge is to inspire people to seek bigger of themselves and not be drawn into limitations and doubts that we all have to deal with, but they hold us back from what we’re really capable of.


Once people expand their horizons and their view of themselves then the details of how to eat better and how to train smarter and all those things become really easy. As the physical body develops and you explore, you know, expand your horizons in terms of movement and physical capability, that carries over into thinking bigger, but it also makes you value your body and if you put your physical body and your mental health first, we’re capable of a lot more.

The thing where I feel like I make the biggest impact is through that holistic approach. Working on stress management techniques and relaxation and things to bring stress hormones down as well as a different take on nutrition that’s not about counting calories or purely trying to fuel the body, but it’s about nourishing the body with whole foods and a lot of foods that have been forgotten.

People function most effectively when they stick closely to nature’s patterns and rhythms. It’s really clear that things like shift work or artificial foods that go a long way from what we’ve had through evolution, what natures given us, have negative consequences for our health and our performance and our mental state. So natures laws are there for every life on the planet. And when we stick close to those it’s amazing the results that people get when they do those simple things right.

Sonny Bill Williams squat

Sonny has gone beyond the limitations of most athletes.

It takes some discipline and some work, but at the same time it opens up doors to new possibilities. I think you just live life better and enjoy it more and you can love more when you’re in better balance and harmony with nature’s rules. Everything that’s in my program is stuff that I’ve done and stuff that’s worked for me and the athletes that I work with.

I’ve explored what are all the best ways to get more out of the human body to be able to live your dreams and live your goals and I couldn’t be happier with the results that I’ve had and now I feel like I’m ready to share it and it needs to be shared.

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